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Perfopil Pills is a drug that has been able to save the lives of millions of men from the disturbing problems of erectile dysfunction or popularly known as impotence. Since the drug’s launch, Perfopil 100Mg Sildenafil Tablets has been able to constantly help men achieve the desired erection that allows them to engage in normal sexual activity and has led many men to a more active and fun sex life. Perfopil 100Mg Sildenafil Tablets is a generic version of the more popular sexual enhancement drug Viagra. Though both the drugs give the consumers similar results, Perfopil-ST is at a great advantage over Viagra because Perfopil 100 Mg is much cheaper compared to Viagra. Most men prefer to buy Perfopil tablets to save money but still get the desired effects and results. However, similar to all other prescription drugs Perfopil tablets also has its own set of side effects. No need to worry though, since most of the drug’s side effects are minor and naturally vanishes from the body after the drug has been all used up.
The drug’s major side effect is similar as those reported cases with other erectile dysfunction treatment drugs such as Viagra. In extreme occasions, the drug is said to cause priapism known also as hulseyism, a potentially harmful and painful medical condition in which the erect the penis does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation, within four hours. If this bizarre condition happens please search for proper treatment by a qualified medical practitioner right away otherwise you will have to suffer from permanent damage to your penis all your life.
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Common side effects of this drug comprise, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, stomach upset, flushing and runny nose. Though the side effects which are stated above disappear as soon as the drug dissolves inside the body. Some of the less common Perfopil-ST side effects include stroke, heart attack, irregular heartbeats and some might reach death on very rare occurrences. Most of this drug’s side effects are caused of improper use of the drug or using it despite having heart problems. However, it has not been confirmed that the less common side effects of the drug are straightly related to Perfopil 50. There might be some other factors that came in and coincidentally reacted to the body after the drug has been taken in. Perfopil Pills might cause serious side effects when it is used together with nitrate drugs. Perfopil 100 Mg is a 100% safe product as Viagra. One word of advice, always keep in mind to consult your doctor before taking Perfopil 100Mg Sildenafil Tablets or other drugs that give the same effects.