Advantages of Malegra 200 mg

Problems with potency got you “to the core”? Sex is important for you and your beloved, but in bed you do not Shine? Or maybe you have an age loss of potency and libido at the same time? – From all these problems there is panacea-Malegra 200!

This interesting drug will allow you to achieve an enviable erection for a long time. You will not only solve urgent problems with men’s health, but also be able to save your money! But than, it is remarkable this means!?
Advantages of Malegra 200 mg

How does Malegra "work"

How does Malegra “work”

Manufacturing drug company SUNRISE RX (India) has given its truly unique properties. The advantages of Malegra 200 include:

guarantees a strong erection;
valid for a long time – about 6 hours;
quickly brings the man in “fighting condition” in the presence of the proper sexual irritant (a sexual image or the beautiful girl);
minimum contraindications;
the opportunity to gain enchanting experience from a few stormy orgasms;
trusted manufacturer with a worldwide reputation;
the tool has an impact of local importance (only on the genitourinary system), so the rest of the organs and systems are not exposed;
the opportunity to significantly save on the purchase of the drug. In fact, the main purpose of the release of Malegra 200 is to produce a budget generic for economical men. The tool can be consumed on 1/4 tablet, which reduces its cost by 4 times! That can cost even cheaper!?

According to reviews, the drug has an equally good effect on both elderly and young men. Therefore we recommend it to the use to clients of different age. Interesting and simple “principle of operation” Malegra 200 mg.
How does Malegra 200 mg “work”?

Best erection pills

Best erection pills

The pill should be taken approximately 30 minutes before expected sexual intercourse. In this case, the tablet is washed down with a significant amount of water. From alcohol should be abandoned. And heavy fatty foods worsen the effect of the drug. The drug is taken in a volume of no more than 100 mg. If a man has not previously used the generics of Viagra, then start taking Malegra better with 50 mg.that is, the standard pill is divided into 4 parts.

“Working” the drug is similar to other generic Viagra. After getting into the blood, the substance provides increased blood supply to the genital organ. This brings him into a state of strong erection. This significantly increases the sensitivity of the penis head.

This effect allows you to experience more vivid orgasms for a man. In addition, the recovery time after ejaculation is quick. Such possibilities of the preparation allow:

getting more pleasure from sex;
the opportunity to carry out some full-fledged sex acts during intimacy;
the ability to satisfy even a very sexually demanding partner.

The use of a tablet Malegra 200 possible only on the direct orders of a physician! Receiving such a large number of Sildenafil can lead to significant health problems!

Be reasonable!
Side effect

According to doctors, as well as feedback from our customers side effects are extremely rare. However, they are still possible. Among them:

short-term visual impairment;
temporary local reddening of the skin, including the face;


If you have one of these symptoms – immediately stop taking the drug. In our store you can buy another tool to solve their problems. Fortunately, the range of high quality products we are wide enough!
For whom is not intended Malegra 200 (contraindications)?

If you have one of these diseases, it is better to abandon the use of the drug:

diseases of the cardiovascular system in severe form;
liver disease;
kidney disease and some others.

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